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Personal Data Protection Act
Welcome to Changhua County Industrial Association (hereinafter referred to as this unit). In order to protect the reader's personal data, privacy and rights, please read the contents of this letter of advice before the unit. This letter of notification is subject to statutory disclosure obligations when collecting your personal data in accordance with Section 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act. 1. Collecting personal data categories This unit collects your personal data, including name, contact number and address, email address, etc., as detailed in the business application form. When you use this system, we will use cookies to manage and record activity records, including track data such as your IP address, browser type and time. 2. Provision of personal data Please provide your own correct, up-to-date and complete personal information according to the needs of each service. If there is any change in your personal information, please take the initiative to apply for corrections. If you provide incorrect, outdated, incomplete or misleading information and damage your related rights, this unit will not be liable for compensation. 3. Utilization period, region, object and method The unit will use your personal data reasonably during the existence of the collection purpose or during the preservation period necessary for the execution of the business, and use the area as the museum. The information collected by the unit will be used for the execution of each business, and the utilization method is the contact and notice necessary for the execution of the business. 4. Confidentiality of personal data This unit will do its duty to protect personal data. If the personal data is stolen, leaked, tampered with or otherwise infringed by natural disasters, incidents or other force majeure, the unit will select the appropriate method by telephone, email or website announcement after identification. inform you. 5. Rights and interests of personal data If you wish to exercise the individual rights of Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act in accordance with the law: Request a query or read. Request for a copy. Request to add or correct. Request to stop collecting, processing, utilizing or requesting to delete, but the unit is not required to do so because the unit is required to perform business. Please call or email the service personnel to the unit at 886-4-7256655 or email The unit reserves the right to amend this letter of notification. After correcting the contents of this letter of notification, the unit will notify you by means of the contact information provided by you or by posting on the website. If you have not filed an objection or continue to use the relevant services of the unit. , indicating that you have agreed to the changes made by your organization.
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